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Natural cosmetic oils

Natural cosmetic oils

A large part of our supply is a collection of natural cosmetic oils. Suggested strongly as a solution to your massaging needs or moisturising routine, each and every oil has different qualities and advantages for your health. For example, organic castor oil does wonders for your hair – reducing their loss and thickening them. Organic avocado and argan oils are extremely good for your skin. They moisturise and help with the flexibility, limiting the visibility of scars and stretch marks. If you want to give your skin and hair new shine, you should start using natural cosmetic oils. Hemp Line Cosmetics is a shop where you can get quality products at reasonable prices.

Cosmetic Almond Oil 50ml.

Cosmetic Almond Oil 50ml. Acceptable concentration 100%The oil is suitable for dry skin and absorbed more slowly, gives excellent glide while massaging.Leaves a delicate film on the skin.      Perfect for massage of the whole body, including face, neck and décolleté, also for ..


Cosmetic apricot kernel oil 50ml.

Cosmetic Apricot Kernel Oil 50mlAcceptable concentration 100%Relatively quickly absorbed. It does not leave an oily film.Our Apricot Kernel Oil is perfect for body massage and also for dry and sensitive skin.Effects for skin: Perfectly moisturises, regenerates and nourishes, makes the skin p..


Cosmetic argan oil 50ml.

Organic argan oil is perfect for skin and hair. This oil contains a unique composition of fatty acids and a high content of vitamin E and A which helps to slow down aging. Organic argan oil is especially recommended for daily facial care because it has a strong anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and an..


Cosmetic avocado oil 50ml.

Cosmetic Avocado Oil 50ml.Acceptable concentration 100%It absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film. The oils very valuable in terms of its composition: contains a number of vitamins and minerals. A high content of oleic acid.Indications / Complexion:Ideal oil for dry and flaky skin, eczema.Ideal fo..


Cosmetic blackcurrant seed oil 50ml.

Cosmetic Blackcurrant seed oil 50ml.. Acceptable concentration 100%Indication / Cmplexion:Natural cosmetic for dry skin, acne and mature is recommended in particular for the care of facial skin, neck, ideal for use as an ingredient in method OCM. If oil gets into your eyes..


Cosmetic Castor Oil 50ml.

Wonderful properties of castor oil are known in the whole world, its long-term use will give you surprising results. The characteristic features of castor oil are: density, slow absorption and you can easily blend it with other oils. Organic castor oil is ideal for hair as it prevents hair loss and ..


Cosmetic Grape Seed oil 50ml.

Cosmetic Grape Seed Oil 50ml. Acceptable concentration 100%Very quickly absorbed, leaving the skin perfectly moisturized and silky.It does not leave an oil film. A very valuable oil.Exceptionally rich in a variety of natural antioxidants, such as those slowing down the ageing process.The sme..


Cosmetic Jojoba Oil Gold 50ml.

We offer you the best organic jojoba oil which comes in a handy 50ml bottle. Amazing features of jojoba oil are well-known in the cosmetics industry. This oil is biocompatible with human skin, it absorbs really quickly and leaves no greasy film on the face. Jojoba oil has a yellow colour without any..


Cosmetic Macadamia Nut Oil 30ml.

Cosmetic Macadamia Oil 30ml. Characteristics: Acceptable concentration 100%Very quickly absorbed. It does not leave an oily film. It is a light oil, biocompatible with human skin. Solidifies in the fridge. Indications / Complexion: For all skin types. Skin care: face, neck, whole body, hands ..


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