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Hair oiling - Natural hair care method ( part 1 )

Hair oiling belongs natural methods of hair care used for centuries by women around the world.

It is a procedure that can be successfully carried out at home, with a frequency of 1-2 times a week.

Using appropriate, dermatologically and allergologically tested cold pressed oils, we are able to significantly improve the condition of our hair.

Significant effects of the hair oiling can be obtained after several treatments.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that it is dependent on the individual characteristics of hair, and thus, the proper selection of oils.

Oiling the hair is aimed at strengthening it, hydration, nutrition and giving shine and flexibility.

Some of the oils have properties supporting the fight against dandruff or stimulating micro-circulation of the skin.

In this regard, they are recommended for scalp care.

There are also those that accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Natural care gives great results, but it requires time and patience.

There are many methods of hair oiling:

Oiling dry hair.

Apply a small amount of cold-pressed oil recommended for the given type of hair on dry, but not yet washed hair.

Preferably, heat the oil to the maximum of +30°C in the ‘’water bath’’.

Pour a measured amount of oil ( usually 1 to 2 tablespoons, depending on hair length ) into a glass, which should then be put in a bowl with warm water ( max. 40°C ) .

After a while, the oil is ready for application to the hair. It should be evenly applied to the individual strands of hair from the root, to the ends.

It is best to make a few minute, gentle self massage of the scalp.

This will help to improve blood circulation of the skin, which means better nutrition of hair follicles.

Next, put a foil cap on the hair, and then a warm towel. The time of treatment ( keeping the oil on the hair ) depends on the hair type. It can range from 30 minutes up to several hours. At the end, wash the hair twice with a mild shampoo.

Oiling wet hair.

In this case, the oil is applied on wet, unwashed hair. Squeeze gently the excess water, but do not wipe the hair dry. Further steps are exactly the same as for oiling dry hair.

The expected effect of this method is a feeling of moisturized hair. In this method, a certain facility can be used, namely wetting the hair with a mist spray. This can be pure water or mist with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and so on.

Oiling with a conditioner.

This method involves a combination of a ready hair conditioner ( NOTE! No silicone ) or a self made one ( from natural ingredients ) with oil.

Next, the procedure is as in the first method. In this case, the hair is supplied with additional nutrients, moisturising and regenerating.