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Hemp seed oil shampoo

  • £8.30

  • Brand:INDIA
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We highly recommend hemp seed oil shampoo in large 400ml bottles. This shampoo is suitable for everyone who wants to have shiny and soft hair. Pure hemp seed oil naturally smooths hair structure and makes it easy to comb or style. Pure hemp seed oil makes your hair intensely nourished. It also softens irritated scalp.

Collagen contained in this shampoo preserves moisture of longer hair and gives it extra volume. D-panthenol is also very important in hair care because it hydrates hair and prevents it from splitting. It also provides hair natural and beautiful shine. Very important is also the fact that hemp seed oil shampoo is a natural, not tested on animals product which contains no fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

It can be successfully used by people who suffer from psoriasis relieves irritated skin. Hemp seed oil shampoo has great cleansing and antibacterial properties, it normalizes the sebum, and stops hair loss. However, the shampoo has a characteristic scent that may not be pleasant for everyone.

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