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Pure hemp seed oil

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Pure hemp seed oil has extraordinary health properties because it is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin K which are essential in the synthesis of proteins and enzymes. Freshly stamped hemp seed oil has a greenish colour, but then it becomes colourless, and its taste is nutty and spicy. Pure hemp seed oil can be successfully used it in the kitchen. You can add it to salads, groats, vegetables or potatoes.

This oil has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and even analgesics effects. Vitamin K contained in this oil stops the bleeding and is responsible for blood clotting. Furthermore, it is also involved in bone formation. One tablespoon a day is enough to guarantee health of cells, tissues, and organs – it protects them against many diseases, such as cancer. Giving hemp seed oil to pets helps to improve their metabolism, increases vitality, strengthens the immune system and provides shine and softness of hair. Just give your pet a few drops per day to protect them against various diseases.

Our pure hemp seed oil is perfect for allergy sufferers because it contains no allergens. This oil is very popular in cosmetics. People with skin problems should try it because it helps to reduce acne and inflammation, prevent irritation, seborrhoea and fight free radicals, hence regular application of hemp seed oil helps to keep your skin in a good condition. You can rub the oil into the skin and it absorbs quickly without leaving greasy film on your skin.

Thanks to such daily care, the skin barrier will be strengthened and the skin will be more soft and supple. Hemp seed oil is also very useful in medicine because it has analgesics and diuretic effects. When applied on the scalp and the entire length of hair, it makes it shiny, soft, and much easier to comb. It is good not only for people but also for animals, hence it is worth to introduce our pure hemp seed oil to your daily diet and body care.

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