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hemp cosmetics

Hemp cosmetics

Hemp cosmetics are widely appreciated for their amazing qualities. For example, you can find cream for either hands or feet, which will soothe irritated skin and make it revitalize faster. They are perfect for chapped lips as well, therefore, you can order balm which will help them to regenerate.

It is worth knowing that hemp cosmetics are great not only for skin, but for hair as well. They will provide you with advanced nourishment, making you look even more beautiful. Your hair will become amazingly shiny and soft, and apart from that, the irritated scalp will be cured. In our online shop, you can buy either particular products separately or the whole sets.

Body Lotion with hemp oil 400ml.

Body Lotion with hemp seed oil 400ml.Active moisturizing ingredients of cannabis oil make INDIA body lotion especially recommended for dry skin.***Hydration***Regeneration***Anti-Ageing Properties*** The light formula absorbs quickly, improves texture of skin and prevents loss of fl..


Box full of hemp cosmetics

Our awesome set it is a big box full of hemp seed cosmetics. Inside this box, you will find 8 different cosmetics!So if you love our cosmetics and you like saving money, this package it’s for you.MAKE YOUR BODY HAPPY!Our box including:-          ..


Box of hemp cosmetics

Our gift package it’s a perfect option for people who like gift’s and cosmetics. Box included 3 bestsellers in fantastic price. If you don’t have a change to try properties of hemp seed cosmetics, this is a good Our box including:-         Lipsti..


Face cream with hemp oil 50ml.

Facial cream for mature skin - day and night care 50ml.The healing properties of hemp oil have strong impact on the regeneration of epidermis, making it flexible and smoothing wrinkles.Everyday care with INDIA cream fulfils all the needs of any type of skin, ensuring its fresh look.The ligh..


Foot cream with hemp seed oil 50ML.

Protective foot cream with hemp seed oil 50ml.Protective foot cream with cannabis oil ( cannabis sativa ) is perfect to thick and cracked heels.Our foot cream deeply moisturises and regenerates foot skin. It absorbs quickly, making your skin feel soft and smooth.Hemp seed oil effe..


Hair Mask with hemp seed oil

Hair mask with hemp seed oil 200ml.INDIA Hair mask with hemp oil has been created for fast and effective regeneration of damaged hair. The healing properties of the main ingredient guarantee intensive hair regeneration and ensure perfect proportions of nourishing ingredients. Therap..


Hair shampoo with hemp oil

We highly recommend hemp seed oil shampoo in large 400ml bottles. This shampoo is suitable for everyone who wants to have shiny and soft hair. Pure hemp seed oil naturally smooths hair structure and makes it easy to comb or style. Pure hemp seed oil makes your hair intensely nourished. It also softe..


Hand cream with hemp oil

Protective hand cream with hemp oil 100ml.Hemp oil in INDIA hand cream ensures fast protective and nourishing effect immediately after use.Thanks to its light formula, the cream absorbs quickly without sticky feel.Specially selected ingredients have antibacterial effect which soothes skin irritat..


Lip balm with hemp oil

Lipstick with hemp seed oil.Lipstick is meant for chapped lip. Thanks to its active ingredients. Lipstick provides sensitive lip skin with perfect protection and nourishment. Hemp oil - has soothing properties, helps to care for irritated skin and accelerates its regeneration proce..


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