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Pure coconut oil for cooking

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Pure coconut oil is ideal for cooking as well as for daily care of your body, face and hair. Coconuts are well-known all over the world and not only are they very tasty but they also contain lots of nutrients, which nourish and heal your body. Our cold-pressed coconut oil has practically no scent and its taste is very delicate.

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There is no need to keep coconut oil in the refrigerator and it solidifies at a temperature of 23-27 ° C. Applying our pure coconut oil on the body perfectly moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It is perfect for a dry and dehydrated skin, reduces acne, and protects the skin against UV radiation. When you apply coconut oil on your hair, you can be sure that it will become more hydrated, smooth and shiny.

Moreover, you can use coconut oil to easily make a tooth paste which helps you to whiten your teeth. Using coconut oil for cooking helps to reduce adipose tissue because it accelerates the metabolism, and it is especially recommended for people who struggle with obesity. Hence, it reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Coconut oil can be used for frying, baking and cooking. It can also be added to desserts, salads, sauces and even to bread.

Both, children and adults can add coconut oil to food, especially athletes and bodybuilders should include coconut oil into their diet, because it helps, among other things, to build muscle tissue and boosts energy. It also has antibacterial, virucidal and fungicidal effect, so it can be called a natural antibiotic. Due to its fungicidal property it helps to prevent feet mycosis. Buy coconut oil online as it has versatile effects and it is worth of keeping not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom.

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