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About Us

Our journey with hemp oil cosmetics began in autumn 2015. We always look for things we could improve and more than anything we want our customer to be happy with our products.

To meet the needs we have decided to begin a partnership with India Cosmetics which is the only company producing cosmetics based on hemp oil as a main ingredient.

Thanks to the partnership with India Cosmetics we are guaranteed great products and high quality.

Cosmetics contain hemp oil are produced with innovated formula and are highly praised by customers.

 In our range of products we offer moisturise creams, balms, serums, shampoos and masks which help to improve hair condition. Also we have delicious, healthy, full of Omega 3,6,9 cold-pressed and unrefined oil made from industrial seeds ( Cannabis Sativa L ).

Hemp Line Cosmetics guarantee high quality of products and service.

We hope you will find everything you need.

We wish you good buys and satisfaction with our cosmetics!