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Cosmetic argan oil

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Organic argan oil for skin


Organic argan oil is perfect for skin and hair. This oil contains a unique composition of fatty acids and a high content of vitamin E and A which helps to slow down aging. Organic argan oil is especially recommended for daily facial care because it has a strong anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Moreover, it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film on the face.

Argan oil has a straw-yellow colour and rather clear, characteristic scent that may not be pleasant to everyone. However, when you apply it on your skin it absorbs really quickly and its scent disappears. It is suitable for all skin types and you can successfully use it on the face, neck, neckline and the whole body, including feet and hands.

With argan oil your skin becomes visibly nourished, tense, more flexible and moisturized. Moreover, it helps to prevent stretch marks and contribute to reduce the visibility of acne scars. Argan oil is also ideal for dry and damaged hair. When you use it for hair care, you can be sure that your hair will become deeply hydrated, more flexible, soft and visibly regenerated.

Colour & Smell:

Straw-yellow. Typical for argan oil ( for many people a bit unpleasant ).

When to the skin, the smell evaporates quickly.  Solidifies in the refrigerator.

Indications / Complexion:


For all skin types. Skin care: face, neck, body, hands and feet & hair.



Skin: moisturises, makes it pliable, regenerates and nourishes. Prevents formation of stretch marks.

Slows down skin ageing: has anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Reduces the size of acne scars.

Hair: moisturises, soften and regenerates.

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