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Cosmetic almond oil 50ml.

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Best almond oil for face & hair

( Cold Pressed )


Almond oil is perfect for both, face and hair. It contains proteins, minerals and vitamins A, D, E, and B, hence it can be called “the elixir of youth”. We offer you the best almond oil for face and hair available on the market. Our cold pressed almond oil comes in a handy 50ml bottle, it has light amber straw colour, sweet taste and neutral but characteristic scent. .

Pure almond oil

Pure almond oil is excellent for overdried hair with split ends since it makes them well hydrated and shiny. Thanks to the almond oil your hair will become pleasant to the touch and you easy to style. This oil can also be used in massages because it is really slippery and ideal for dry skin. You can successfully use pure almond oil for the whole body, face and hair. .

It leaves a delicate film on your skin and makes your skin smooth, tight and pleasant to the touch. Almond oil is suitable for all skin types, it is especially recommended for women who struggle with stretch marks because introducing almond oil for daily care regenerates and smoothes the skin. Moreover, it improves the hydration and elasticity. Using almond oil in everyday care works against and on the already formed stretch marks..


For all skin types.
Perfect for massage of the whole body, including face, neck and decollete, also for the care of dry and damaged hair.
Especially recommended for preventing formation of stretch marks.

Excellent for macerates involving herbs.


Skin: Moisturises, regenerates, smooths, makes the skin pliable.

Reduces the likelihood of developing stretch marks.

Hair: Moisturises, regenerates.


Straw yellow / very soft, neutral.

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